Zaldur Tagar


Zaldur Tagar is a feared and formidible warrior in the employ of the Kingdom of Korvosa, this does not, however, mean he is either respected or honorable.

Zaldur Tagar, once a mercenary known as the ‘Crimson Scar’, was hired on by the Korvosan Guard for a multitude of reasons; his great prowess, his military demeanor, his unorthodox approach…and to try and put him under the Guard’s thumb so that he’d stop tearing up the city for whichever scheming noble was paying. When the Guard approached him, he knew what it meant. Signing with the Guard was to give up the high-profile, very lucrative jobs that often required extrajudicial measures to complete, and take a desk job with lackluster wages. If he refused to sign he knew he might find it increasingly difficult to complete contracts with the Guard hounding him at every turn.

But Zaldur is no fool, and now it is he who has the Guard planted firmly under his thumb. After being hired, with tact and efficiency he quietly moved his way up the ranks to be placed among the highest ranking officers of the Korvosan Guard. Now Zaldur’s desk job is not his punishment, but rather an unassuming throne from which he metes out a darker brand of justice.

Zaldur’s personal Guard units are likened to the Hellknights in their relentless and brutal methods of pacification, but the deals they make behind closed doors far more resemble those of the Cerulean Society.

Ironically, as he’s gotten on in years, the largest problem currently facing Zaldur and his Secret Police is a young and unruly mercenary named Vallez Gantiyr who seems to get in the way of Zaldur’s guard and their operations. Normally the matter would be handled swiftly and secretly, but family bonds are strong and Zaldur is reluctant to do anything to harm his favorite grandson.

Zaldur Tagar

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