Vencarlo Orisini


Vencarlo Orisini, the current head of the Old Korvosan Orisinis, and headmaster of the Orisini Academy is a famous and reknowned teacher of the noble arts of fencing and swordplay, being trained by him (or at his academy at least) is a badge of honor worn by many would-be adventurers or guard-hopefuls.

A tall man, rather advanced in age, Vencarlo Orisini still has a twinkle in his eye and a bounce in his step that would be attributed to a much younger man. His salt-and-pepper hair is worn pulled back into a tight bravo’s top-knot. His family is old Chelish Blood and it shows. He is always seen wearing black leather gloves, which he maintains is to keep the oils of his skin from tarnishing or rusting the pommel of his shining steel rapier, his treasured weapon.

In the last ten years or so, Vencarlo has taken on a more administrative role at his academy, preferring to let some of the older and more experienced students teach those below them. These days, it is said that he will only personally teach a student that he feels has particular potential, though others claim he is just playing favorites. While his family ahs little political pull, Vencarlo has often been out-spoken in his criticism for the King and Queen and their similiar spend-thrift ways. He ever claims to be an ally of Korvosa and her people, regardless of who sits the throne.

Vencarlo Orisini

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